The DJ Connection Colorado


Phone Number (303) 519-7529

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Allen and Heath Zed 24


JBL JRX118S 18" Compact Subwoofer

Korg Kaoss Pad

DBX 231 Dual thirty one band graphic EQ

Crown XTi 4000 Power Amp

2x JBL MRX525

2x Yamaha C112V

Feedback Destroyer

Lexicon MX200

BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer

2x Furman Power Conditioner

Yamaha MSR 400

Presonus Tube Channel Strip

Crown XLS2500

2x Floor Monitors

Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Mic (at request)

Numark Mixdeck

We also use Ipods to search for requested music.

All of the poles for the speakers

And any number of mics you need.



8x par cans

American DJ Pin Spot

American DJ Quad Phase

American DJ Aggressor Tri LED

Chauvet VUE 3.1

2x American DJ Snap Shot II

4x Spotlights

Chauvet Color Bank

3x Fog Machines

2x Lighting controller

American DJ Strobe Controller

American DJ Vertigo Tri LED

American DJ Galaxian 3D

Chauvet Timer Controller

(lighting will be selected based on venue)


All of our Lighting is controlled by microphones except the spotlights we have a controller for that.

for additional information please email us at:



Pictures of our Equipment

DJ Connection Colorado Equipment 1

DJ Connection Colorado Equipment 2 

DJ Connection Colorado Equipment 3 

DJ Connection Colorado Equipment 4 

DJ Connection Colorado Equipment 5